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Datastreams by: Chris Klopper

Our MISSION is to protect information sensitive agriculture related assets from farm to future.

Our VISION is to deliver verifiable brand promises all along the chain to final a destination.

Our GOAL is to help improve the agri-supply chain by creating a trusted ecosystem where we can record the entire history of a products' passage to the consumer.

Our Traceability solution is now up and running at Jackson's Real Food Market.

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Why this Site?

The BlockChain section below contains introductory snippets and links to BlockChain as compelling technology

BlockChain can be used (where needed) to validate the authenticity of a datastring

Short-term Goals

1. To build a datastring linking selected agri-producers with end-users |

2. To demonstrate that it can be done efficiently and economically |

3. To have at least one compelling agri use case |

4. To stimulate interest and engagement |

5. Just for the fun of it |

Buyers beware!

New traceability solutions are hatched daily

The fact that it works elsewhere does not mean it will work in your context or indeed in South Africa.

Do these intrepid vendors understand your industry, your supply chain or the constraints?

Whose brand is at stake theirs or yours?



While BlockChain is a large part of what we have in mind equifinality means we can take any road that leads to the desired outcome.

After the coffee give us a call.


Within five years, IBM researchers hope to deploy granular microcomputers that, in conjunction with a #blockchain, could be used to verify and track goods all over the world

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How to get Started

Examine the architecture

A helicopter view of our process

...with much much more under the belt.

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Join the Community

Send you mobile number to and..

you will be added to the WhatsApp group that underpins this initiative.

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Access the Platform

Our customised Asset Manager will provide mobile access

to the datastream that represents your asset value transformation.

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About BlockChain

The future is here. It is just not evenly distributed yet.


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Why this will Work


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