Trace your own Beef



About the Journey

It all starts in the Eastern Cape where..

we consider ourselves as nature’s partners! Our producers ranch their cattle in the upper reaches of the Black Kei River Basin around the town of Queenstown situated centrally in the Eastern Cape Province.

In May 2015 we sent our first shipment to Cape Town and the results where mind blowing. We knew little of the benefits of a veld reared animal at the time as research was in the infant stage world wide, with the help of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants, it soon became apparent that the cattle produced in a natural environment, grazing on untamed veld, had a number of exceptional benefits. Our natural sweet-veld environment turned out to be the perfect type of grazing to produce an animal with superior taste and great nutritional values.


About buying Beef

1. Read the labels carefully

There are important differences between; Pasture-raised | Grass-fed | Organic | and Veld-reared Beef

Veld-reared Langside Beef indicates that the animals were raised humanely (meaning they weren't confined) and weren't given hormones or antibiotics. On our farm it means that we produced the beef used regenerative practices that protect soil health and water quality, conserve both fauna and flora and that we reduce our carbon footprint

2. Find the right farmer and retailer

Most grass-fed, as indeed our Veld-reared Beef, is produced by very special producers on well-managed farms and sold directly to selected retailers

Even though some major supermarkets are offering more organic foods these days, their beef options remain limited and generic. Smaller, often independently owned retailers are not reliant on mass production, which frees them up to purchase better-quality meat from selected producers.

Langside Beef is available at:

...the following selected retail outlets who may proudly display our Trace-your-own-Beef QR Code


Jacksons Real Food Markets


Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants


Boschendal Farm Shop


The Local Grill Parktown

Key Terms Explained

A Parcel of Beef

The size, date of purchase, purchace record, and weight of a parent parcel can vary but is described and validated at the time of packaging. Totally integrating our supply chain is still work-in-progress. Visit this site for updates.


We aim to make it possible for you to see where your purchase originated, what happened to it along the way and how long that journey was before you decide to purchase it.


What we produce with pride and integrity is subject to false claims. If we protect our brand we can keep on doing what we do to the benefit of everyone sharing the values we believe in.


The GrassFed Association of SA lists farmers who have successfully become members of GFASA and whose meat is available in the market. GFASA believes that consumers have the right to know who produces their food.

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